PUBG Lite Mod APK v0.26.0 (Unlimited UC/Money) 2024

PUBG Lite Mod Apk
App NamePUBG Mobile Lite
PublisherLevel Infinite
Latest Versionv0.26.0
Size727 MB
RequirementsAndroid 5.1
Last UpdatedToday

Want to go on a thrilling fight with multiple enemies on the same ground? The battlefield is waiting for the energized players to let the fight begin!

The game has a range of action, thrillers, and bold items to enjoy endless survival modes. In the game, there is a built-in lite version where you will be enjoying your favorite battle-ground, without having any trouble on lower RAM devices. There is a lot in PUBG Lite Mod APK to offer you!

PUBG Mobile Lite MOD APK Download

PUBG Lite MOD APK Gameplay:

In the genre of action or survival gaming, nothing can beat this real-world action survival game. Player’s Unknown Battleground APK is an amazing game in survival role play game. You will be entering an endless massive gameplay.  

When you enter the game you have to prepare your character. Then you choose any match modes, there are different modes like classic or arena. You will have different maps on the classic which will give various visuals and locations within the game.  

After selecting any specified map location, you will be dropped from the airplane along with 99 more players. The battlefield will be equipped with various items like guns, rifles, health items, grenades, and much more.  

This survival war will be open until the last two players face one one-on-one. The match lasts for 10-15 minutes which gives players intense pressure to collect items and have a fight with the opponent. The winner will get a Chicken Dinner! Also, there are points and rewards. You can get the highest rank in the game.   

PUBG Mobile Lite MOD APK Gameplay

What is the Difference Between PUBG and PUBG Lite MOD APK?

As we all are familiar with this worldwide amazing game PUBG, the game is so intense as well as requires high power and storage to run. Sometimes low-end devices do not make it possible to run this game with high-quality visuals and smoothly.    

The problem gets more intense when players cannot get the Conqueror and Ace ranks. So, the PUBG lite hack APK is all about having every detailed upgrade with low space consumption. You can download this game with low-end devices and enjoy high-quality gaming. This game has all unlock features with a free download.  

Difference Between PUBG and PUBG Lite MOD APK

MOD Features of PUBG Lite MOD APK:

As we know some of the most important features can make your gaming improve. Like naruto x boruto ninja voltage mod apk, there is a range of features that will help you out.

Premium Unlocked:

Similar to getting over it MOD APK, the modded version of the game gives all the premium features that are not available on free versions. You have to pay for the premium experience of this legendary game but the MOD feature gives you premium unlocked.

Premium Unlocked

Unlimited Money: 

While playing this game, you will require money to buy everything from the shop. There is a range of costumes, upgrades, items, and equipment that need money. Like jump force mugen apk, this update of Pubg lite mod apk has unlimited money so that you can buy unlimited things in the game.

Unlimited UC: 

The game has unlimited UC. UC can be earned through missions and other achievements. UC is required to shop for anything from events and is also important for other purposes in the game.

High Damage:

In this mod feature, there is a unique way to kill your enemies. You will give high damage to your opponent.

Wallhack and ESP: 

This version may offer wallhack and ESP (Extra Sensory Perception) features. Wallhack allows players to see through walls and other objects. So you can get an advantage in locating enemies and planning strategies. ESP highlights important in-game information like the location of players, weapons, and vehicles, providing a tactical advantage.

Increased Speed:

 PUBG Lite Mod Apk allows players to have increased movement speed and jump height, You can easily navigate the game world more swiftly and reach higher areas that would otherwise be inaccessible. This feature adds an element of mobility and agility to gameplay.

Unlocked Premium Skins: 

You can unlock premium skins, outfits, and other exclusive items typically available through in-app purchases or limited-time events. Players can enjoy customization options from the start, making their characters stand out and adding a unique touch to their gameplay.


 The aimbot is very useful when you can not hold your attacking equipment. Aimbot will help you in aiming.

MOD Features of PUBG Lite MOD APK

General Features of the Game:

There are thrilling features that are the reason for this worldwide fame. You will be enjoying a complete kit with thousands of new features in the battlegrounds.

Online Multi-Player:

The PUBG Lite Mod APK is an online game with a multiplayer feature. You can add your friends or online community. You will enjoy teaming up with your friends during the match. In addition, now you can also download stickman dragon fight mod apk.

Exciting Visuals:

The game has exciting locations and maps. The visuals are high quality and make the survival around its cities so soothing and joyful.

HD Graphics and Sound:

HD graphics are designed to give you intensive insight into the match. You will enjoy high-quality sound effects too.


The best part of this surviving game is the range of items inside and outside of matches. There are various guns, machine guns, rifles, health kits, body safety equipment, grenades, cars, etc. We also have slither io mod apk on our website.

General Features of Game

My Review:

Like, Carrom disc pool MOD APK, this game is superb and easy to play. The quality of visuals and graphics is outstanding. This game with the latest version makes the experience better with lower RAM devices. The maps and locations are so soothing like Vikendi and Sanhok. Special characters, costumes, updates, and events are very useful during matches. Various map locations filled with items and loot are love.

The lite version is also easily downloaded in less space. It is very fun to play this version. I like the whole upgrades on this version. I would love to recommend this to every player of survival gaming. The website contains the latest version 2024 of PUBG lite mod APK. You can free download the game.


ANS: There are different codes uploaded on internet. To redeem code in PUBG lite you can search as well.

ANS: The tencent games make this version so lite. PUBG lite only requires 50-60 MB total free space in your phone.  

ANS: The UC is like an asset in the game. You will be required UC to shop items. The MOD APK version has unlimited UC.

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This is an action and survival game with a lot to offer you as a gamer. If you have low-end devices and are worried about the smooth functioning of this game. So, the PUBG Lite hack APK is an amazing app for you. It requires less MBs and lower RAM to download the game. You will enjoy endless fight matches with this latest version 2024. You can download the PUBG lite mod APK for free with unlimited money and unlimited UC.

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