Cookie Run Kingdom MOD APK v5.1.102 (Unlimited Money/Gems)

Cookie Run Kingdom MOD APK
App NameCookie Run Kingdom
PublisherDevsisters Corporation
Latest Versionv5.1.102
Size1.1 GB
RequirementsAndroid 5.0
CategoryRole Playing
Last UpdatedToday

Be the hero and save the peaceful kingdom of Cookie people from the dangerous enemy monsters attacking them in the cookie run kingdom mod apk. This game will include all the challenges you can find in a strategy game with a twist.

The best part about cookie run kingdom hack apk is its mod features. You will get unlimited money and gems in the game, which you can use to your benefit and purchase anything from the in-game store. Furthermore, you can enjoy an ad-free gaming experience once you download cookie run kingdom mod apk.

Cookie Run Kingdom MOD APK

Game Story of Cookie Run Mod Apk:

As the name suggests, the game revolves around a peaceful cookie kingdom. The kingdom’s people are cookie makers and have spent all their lives in this profession. You are the skilled ruler of the kingdom, ensuring it flourishes and spreads wide while protected from any enemy.

To make the kingdom, you should carry out various activities like scouting out the best talents in your kingdom to make teams. These teams will carry out different tasks to make the empire flourish. But beware of the evil desert monsters! They lurk in the shadows to attack at any given opportunity, and you must do your best to beat them.

Exciting Cookie Battles

Mod Features Of Cookie Run Mod Apk:

The game is made more fun and interesting with the addition of mod features. Some of these mod features include;

Unlimited Gems / Unlimited Crystals:

The latest version of the game requires you to construct, design, and renovate your kingdom to make it the best one for your people. To do that you will require different sorts of equipment which will cost.

You can purchase types of equipment with the help of gems and crystals from the in-game shop. But in the non-mod version of the game, you will have to clear several levels to earn gems. But you can get unlimited gems for free in the modified version of the game, which makes it easy to carry out all the changes you want. We also recommend you to download darkness rises mod apk.

Become Stronger with Guildmates

Continuous Updates:

 The game developers frequently release updates introducing new cookies. This update add new features to improve gameplay.  This update also includes bug fixes and performance optimizations to address any glitches. Download now for exciting content additions to make your Cookie Run more engaging. 

Adorable Heroes:

The gingerbread world is home to some really cute characters in Cookie Run: Kingdom. Each cookie person has their own special look, with big eyes and bright colors. These sweet companions join the Gingerbread Man in battles and it’s hard not to love how they all look.

No Ads:

The main task of the game is to make a kingdom, which is challenging. In your journey to make a prosperous empire, you will face many challenges, including attacks from desert monsters.

So, in pursuing a peaceful and strong empire, there is no time to be distracted by ads. Therefore, one of the most advantageous features in cookie run kingdom mod apk 2024 is no ads to affect your gameplay.

Adventure with the cookies

Free Shopping:

Like many other games, cookie run kingdom hack apk includes an in-game shop that includes everything you require. These things include the many weapons, different characters to make a perfect team to carry out different tasks, and equipment to decorate the kingdom.

In addition, now you can also download harvest town mod apk. With the help of free shopping, you can shop for all the items from the shop for free. If there is no free shopping option, you would have to spend a fortune even to afford a single thing.

Unlimited Money:

Unlimited money is another important mod feature of the game. You can purchase different weaponry and update them to more damage with unlimited money. Using these weapons, you can protect the kingdom from its enemies.

Furthermore, you can unlock the different characters of the game. Each character has its unique characteristics. For instance, the cookie heroes will fight ferociously in the battles and help you win. We also have undertale apk on our website.

Build Your Own Kingdom

General Features of Cookie Run Kingdom Mod Apk:

The many general features of the game include;

Bank of Levels:

The game includes 200 different levels, each with different stories presented in it. The different stories are portrayed with the help of unique characters, amazing scenes, and animated narratives.

Each level brings you a different challenge, ensuring you never get bored of the game. Furthermore, each level has a different story linked to the kingdom’s past, including the fallen heroes’ past. You may also like to download bullet echo mod apk.

Amazing Characters:

Different characters are portrayed in the game, each unique in their abilities. You can unlock the different characters in the game and make your own dream team. This team can help you with different tasks, including protecting your peaceful empire from desert monsters.

Defeat Bosses With Your Allies

My Review:

This game was different from other kingdom and war games. It allowed me to play with different characters and provided me with different tasks to keep me engaged. The best part about the game was the different levels.

The different stories in the game intrigued me and made it much more fun than any other game. You can also play the game in languages other than the default English.

It allowed me to run a kingdom as I wished with the help of the different mod features in cookie run kingdom mod apk, all unlocked. The mod features also gave me an added advantage helping me to win against my in-game enemy easily.


ANS: At the initial launch stages, the game features 37 characters that can be plated. Since then, with the help of various updates, there are currently 91 characters available to play, of which you can use any 5 at a time in the battle.

ANS: Yes! There is a multiplayer mode in the cookie run apk in which you can play games with your friends.

ANS: Yes! The apk version of the game cookie run kingdom is thoroughly checked for any issues and is, therefore, safe to play with.

ANS: No, there are no issues and bugs in the game, as the developer works diligently to ensure there are no issues.

ANS: Yes, the game is suitable for players 12 and above.


Cookie run kingdom mod apk 2024 is an amazing game with many different features. You can also build your kingdom however you like while changing according to the seasons. For example, you can organize the whole kingdom while celebrating Christmas. The mod features of the game will help you make a great empire for your people.

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