My Talking Tom Friends MOD APK v3.3.1.11014 (Unlimited Money)

My Talking Tom Friends MOD APK
App NameMy Talking Tom Friends
PublisherOutfit7 Limited
Latest Versionv3.3.1.11014
Size140 MB
RequirementsAndroid 5.0
Last UpdatedToday

Playing various action or thrill-type games might not make you feel peaceful and comfortable. Here is the game My Talking Tom Friends mod APK, which is a cute game with excellent graphics which will give you enjoyment. It has simple gameplay with exciting features in the game. My Talking Tom Friends is a pet care game in which players will look after the cats and make them feel happy by providing them with different things to play. Feed them at the right time to make sure they stay healthy.

Besides that, My Talking Tom Friends MOD APK is a modified version of the original version available at the Play store. This version of the game provides unlimited money, all characters unlocked and no ads to make the gameplay more pleasant. These features will help you to advance in the game quickly as unlimited money would allow you to get all the required resources.

My Talking Tom Friends

My Talking Tom Friends MOD APK – Game Overview

My Talking Tom Friends have different setup within the game to make cats happy and comfortable. However, not all the setups and features are unlocked in an ordinary game. We recommend you download the mod version of My Talking Tom Friends mod APK, to get more attractive features in the game. It gives you access to more than extra features and setups to enjoy the game. The game also features multiple country locations. The player can take cats to visit different places and have more fun. You may also like to download my talking tom mod apk.

My Talking Tom Friends MOD APK Game Overview

Mod Features

My Talking Tom Friends mod APK has now added exceptional features which you will not get in the original version of the game. This version of the game now has unlimited money, and diamonds which will help players to buy colorful outfits, food, and home furniture for cats’ house. Here is the list of mod features to explore:

Unlimited Money, Diamonds, and Stars:

Every game has different limited currency to upgrade the features of the game. Here in, My Talking Tom Friends, money, stars and special diamonds are game’s main currency. They will help you upgrade the house setup of cats. However, earning the currency requires too much time and dedication. In Modded version of the game, you will always have unlimited diamonds and stars, which you can use to comfort cats and enjoyment.  Unlimited diamonds and stars will also make you feel worried less about buying beautiful clothes and goods for Tom and their friends. We also recommend you to download my talking tom 2 mod apk.

Collecting and Unlocking:

  As you progress in the game, you can unlock new characters, items, and areas in the house.    Each character has unique characteristics, personalities, and appearances. By unlocking new characters, you can expand your roster of adorable pets to take care of.

Unlocking new items allows you to decorate the characters’ houses with furniture, wallpapers, and other decorative elements. Unlocking new areas in the house provides additional spaces and rooms where your characters can interact, play, and relax.

Virtual Currency:

The game features a virtual currency you can earn through various activities. These activities include taking care of your pets, playing mini-games, completing tasks, and achieving specific milestones. The virtual currency serves as a form of in-game currency that you can use to buy items, food, and accessories for your characters.


  My Talking Tom Friends offers a range of entertaining mini-games you can play with the characters. These mini-games serve as a fun diversion from the main gameplay and provide additional opportunities to earn rewards. By playing mini-games, you can earn coins and other rewards that can be used to buy items for your characters or decorate their house. The more you play and excel in these mini-games, the more rewards you can accumulate.

No Ads:

The ads are the most annoying in the game. However, the modded version of the game has eliminated the ads and you can play the game with no any interruption. You may also like to download Dragon Mania MOD APK

No Ads

All Characters Unlocked:

This version of the game doesn’t have limited characters but in the game, you can use many other characters along with Tom. The game has unlocked all the characters, which will make the game more exciting to play. Unlocking all characters will enable players to choose a variety of characters and features to enjoy the game. In addition, now you can also download bubble shooter mod apk.

Free to Download:

You might think that all mod features will be available only to premium members of the game, but it is free to download; every player can download it on their android. There is no restriction in downloading or installing it. It is free to download with no cost to pay. So, do not wait for more now and download My Talking Tom Friends mod APK on your phone. We also have minion rush mod apk on our website.

Free to Download

Tips-Tricks for Happy Cat

  • This latest version of My Talking Tom Friends game has given you unlimited money, stars, and diamonds. Using them, buy ornaments, furniture, food, and clothes for cats from diamonds and stars.
  • Ensure to feed the cats on time by giving them extra energy boosters which you can buy with diamonds and stars.
  • Players must spend some time with cats and give them more enjoyment by playing games and musical instruments.
  • Confirm to give cats a healthy, comfortable environment to cats by upgrading the surrounding of cats.
Tips-Tricks for Happy Cat


Cats are extraordinary pets to have. They keep you busy and help people to reduce their stress levels. My Talking Tom Friends mod APK graphics and sound system is attractive to catch your attraction. I would recommend this game to every pet lover, who loves to play with cats and want to enjoy with cats on their phone too. This game has simple and attractive gameplay, that’s why thousands of people from various countries download this game. The cats in the game are waiting to welcome you to their home, so, download the game and enjoy the game of the cats.


ANS: Yes, you can play My Talking Tom Friends mod APK offline. There is no restriction to having an internet connection to play this game.

ANS: Yes, this game is free to download on your Android. Download My Talking Tom Friends mod APK free and spend your time with cats.

ANS: My Talking Tom Friends mod APK has added the feature of unlimited diamonds and stars in the game. It will help players to buy different outfits, food, and gaming instruments for cats.

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This is an attractive and cute game to have on your android. It is the game of Cat Tom and his friends who live in a big house. Players will look after the cats and feed them, and up bring them with love. Unlimited money, rewards, gems, and diamonds will help you buy different outfits, instruments, and home setups to upgrade the house of the Cats. Players will never run short of diamonds or stars at any stage. With no ads, you can enjoy your game with full comfort, with easiness, and enjoyment.

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