Beyblade Burst Rivals MOD APK v3.11.2 (Unlimited Money/Gems)

Beyblade Burst Rivals MOD APK
App NameBeyblade Burst Rivals
PublisherEpic Story Interactive
Latest Versionv3.11.2
Size694 MB
RequirementsAndroid 5.1
Last UpdatedToday

Beyblade burst rivals mod apk is based on the famous anime show, Beyblade. It follows the anime closely, and if you want to feel the adrenaline rush of being in an intense bey blade match with different opponents or even with your friends, then you should try Beyblade burst rivals mod apk.

To make the game more interesting, you will have the help of many mod features. With the help of unlimited money, you can unlock different characters and different Beyblades to ensure increased chances of winning.

Beyblade Burst Rivals

Beyblade Burst Rivals Mod Apk – Game Story

The game story is based on the original characters of the anime movie Beyblade, and you can select any character you wish to like. The characters include Rantaro, Daigo, Valt, Ken, Vakiya, Xander, Zac, Shu, and many more.

After selecting your favorite character, you can select your favorite Beyblade style or make your Beyblades. You can use different attacking strategies to make the game more interesting and easier to win.

Beyblade Burst Rivals Official Anime Version Beys

Mod Features of Beyblade Burst Rivals Mod APK:

The game has many mod features to make it more interesting and easier to play and win. Some of the mod features include;

Unlimited Money / Unlimited Gems:

The most advanced feature of Beyblade Burst’s rival hack apk is that you have a wide selection of characters and Beyblades to choose from. Each Beyblade has different strengths and weaknesses and is suitable for different matches. In addition, now you can also download merge mansion mod apk.

Therefore, if you need to unlock premium Beyblades or even get your favorite characters, you will need a substantial amount of gold coins or diamonds. In the modded version of the game, you get unlimited gems and money, which you can use to get your favorite Beyblade character and even make your Beyblade.

All Unlocked:

The strategy to win the challenges in the latest version of Beyblade burst rivals mod apk is to use the best Beyblades and strategies. You can unlock these strategies by collecting enough activation points.

To collect activation points, you will need to win matches and live events and participate in competitions. The more you win, the more activation points you can collect, which is a hassle as to get better, you will require a lot of practice.

The mod feature of all unlocked will provide you with all the premium features unlocked for free. So, you can get your favorite anime characters, dress them however you want, and get the best Beyblade to win more challenges and get your name in the high rankings of the game.

Play As Bladers From the Anime

No Ads:

Games often include ads to help players gain extra points or earn in-game currency in gold or diamonds. These ads are often 30 seconds long, and if you don’t skip them, you can earn gold which can be used in the game for purchases. You may also like to download fishdom mod apk

But the best part of the modified version is that it has an ad-free experience to play the game peacefully without interruptions. You will also get unlimited money and all the premium features unlocked, eliminating the need for ads.

Unlocked Game Modes:

 Unlock all game modes and arenas right from the beginning with Beyblade Burst Rivals MOD APK. Whether it’s the story mode, multiplayer battles, or special events, you can access all the exciting gameplay options without progressing sequentially.  You are able to jump straight into the action and challenge opponents in various arenas.

Regular Updates:

The Beyblade Burst Rivals MOD APK version often receives regular updates and introduces new content to keep the game fresh and engaging. You can expect new Beyblades, characters, game modes, and features to be added over time. Stay connected to the developer’s community to receive the latest updates and explore the ever-evolving Beyblade world.

Free Shopping:

One of the interesting aspects of the game is that you can have a chance to make your own Beyblades. Therefore, you can select your own design, color schemes, and the powers associated with the Beyblade.

To do that, you will have to shop for the things required from the game’s shop and customize your own Beyblade. You can do that with free shopping, which offers you all the things available at the shop free of cost, so now you can let your creativity rule freely!

Unleash Your Favorite Avatar Powers

General Features of the Beyblade Burst Rivals Mod APK:

The game is depicted as closely as the anime series; therefore, the general features of the game play an important part in that. These general features of the game include;

Magnificent Graphics:

Like in the anime, the latest version of the game Beyblade Burst mod apk is also filled with excellent graphics. The color light background and the eye-catching Beyblades will make the game more interesting than any other normal game. Furthermore, the Beyblade battles are filled with fascinating music, which makes the battle more engrossing. We also have brain out mod apk on our website.

Number of Modes:

Beyblade Burst’s rivals mod apk has many challenges that will keep you addicted to the game. New levels are added every week, and the life challenges and tournament will allow you to fight against other players and make your way into the leaderboards.

Tips and Tricks:

To win the multitude of challenges, there are some tips and tricks that will help you;

Battle Friends and Rivals All Around The World


Don’t attack too soon. Instead, wait and see the attacking strategy of your opponent. This will give you an idea of which strategy to implement to ensure that you are the clear winner. We also recommend you to download punball mod apk.


To be the best at the Beyblade game, you need to know about the different kinds of Beyblades or bey for short. This will also give you an idea of which to use for which levels and competitions.


Once you are well versed on the different types of Beyblades and the different attacking strategies, observing your opponent and strategies is next. Select the best form of attack to win.

Become The Ultimate Blader


ANS: To make your room, you will require a room code. Select the multiplayer mode in the game and enter the room code. Next, you can invite your friends to play!

ANS: Super Hyperion is an attack-type of Beyblade with a total of 8 blades. You can get this by purchasing it from the store or getting it free in the mod version of the game.

ANS: You will have to play twice as much to earn more gems and watch all the ads in the middle of each match. But if you want unlimited gems without hard work, you should download the mod version of the game.

YouTube video


Get a chance to be one of the characters in the Beyblade anime series and compete in numerous matches with the help of Beyblade burst rivals mod apk. You can play the different levels of the vehicle offline as well. And in the online mode, you can compete with other players worldwide.

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