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OGWhatsApp Apk
App NameOG WhatsApp
VersionLatest Version
Size74.6 MB
RequirementsAndroid 4.4+
Last UpdatedToday

OG WhatsApp is one of the excellent social message apps in which you remain anonymous and encrypted while talking with your loved ones. Using this WhatsApp, you can connect with your family through video calls and text messages. You can also send images and also post status. This app provides you with more characters than the official app for writing status so that you can express more feelings in words. You can free download the updated new version of OGWhatsApp APK 2024 with all premium unlocked features from our website by pressing the download button.

This WhatsApp has gained lots of fame and popularity among people throughout the world. Like whatsapp mix apk, it provides many unique features that you will not experience in the original WhatsApp. Using this WhatsApp, you can also chat and call those numbers which are not saved in your contact list. You will also get the facility of downloading status, which you can use to save your favorite status, and you don’t need to use a third-party app. So, if you want additional privacy benefits, you should try the upgraded version OGWhatsApp Apk.

OGWhatsApp Download Anti-Bin latest version

OGWhatsApp Apk Introduction ā€“ Latest Version:

Like Whatsapp prime apk, This WhatsApp is a modified version in which developers have added many additional features. The mod app gives you anti-delete status and text option, allowing you to easily read the deleted texts and status without any hassle. This version of WhatsApp is completely anti-ban, so you don’t need to worry about getting banned. This WhatsApp offers you more sending limits than the original app so that you can send more than 90 images at once, but the real app only allows you to send 30 images simultaneously. Additionally, there are lots of alternatives to the original WhatsApp that you can use for similar purposes.

In this WhatsApp, you will get the facility of password protection through which you can easily adjust your password to any particular chat so no one will read the conversation without your permission. You can also lock your entire app with a pattern or number password. The app also allows you to use it with dual accounts on different devices without any hassle. Moreover, this WhatsApp provides you with more than 1000 colourful themes, which you can utilize to change your chat screen and make it different if you get bored seeing one theme.

OGWhatsApp Apk Introduction

Features of OGWhatsApp APK:

OGWhatsApp App gives users many new and unique features through which they can enjoy more privacy and encryption compared to other similar apps. Below we provide you with some amazing features of this WhatsApp.

Pre-Built Message Scheduler:

The OGWhatsApp gives you the option of a message scheduler that you can use to send messages at a specific time without any delay. Using this feature, you will be able to greet your friends or send them a birthday wish. All you need to do is set the time and date you on which want to send your friend a text, and then the message will be automatically sent to your friend at the proper time without any hassle because of the message scheduler.  

OG WhatsApp Pre-Built Message Scheduler

Chat and Call with Non-Added Contacts:

Using the OGWhatsApp, you can also chat and call with non-added numbers without any problem. This feature is very amazing, which is not present in the original app. In the official WhatsApp, you must first save the unknown numbers you want to interact with them. But if you have this WhatsApp, you don’t need to save the numbers from talking with them as it allows you to call and text the unsaved number whenever you want.

Password Protected:

This app gives you the facility of a password through which you can lock your WhatsApp by adjusting a password in the form of a number or pattern. With this feature, you don’t need to worry about your private chats; nobody can read them because your WhatsApp is locked. So, when anyone tries to read your personal chats, they have to use the correct password to unlock your WhatsApp. Moreover, this app permits you to send 90 plus images or files simultaneously without compromising their quality.

OG WhatsApp Password Protected

Anti-Delete Status:

This WhatsApp offers you an amazing anti-delete status and anti-delete text option, which helps you in reading the deleted content. Because of this feature, you can view the deleted messages and react to the removed statuses when your friend removes them before 24 hours. Then you don’t need to ask your friends what they have deleted. However, the official app does not have this feature, so you can’t read deleted texts and statuses. So, if you want to see the deleted content, you must try this version of WhatsApp.

Hide Online Status:

WhatsApp Aero APK allows users to view the WhatsApp statuses of their contacts, even if the statuses have been deleted before the standard 24-hour expiration period. This feature provides an added level of privacy and allows you to see statuses that the original sender might have intentionally deleted.

With WhatsApp Aero, you can react and respond to statuses that would otherwise be inaccessible once the original user deletes them. This feature lets you surprise your friends or contacts by engaging with their statuses, even if they were meant to be temporary or private.

Status Downloader:

This feature allows users to download the statuses uploaded by their contacts directly within the app. Now no need for external status downloader applications.

The official WhatsApp application has no built-in option to download or save the statuses posted by your contacts. This feature provides a convenient way to save and store the statuses you come across without relying on third-party tools or apps.

You can use the statuses your contacts share, including images, videos, or animated GIFs, for future viewing or sharing purposes.

Status Downloader

Copy Status:

This feature simplifies the process of sharing or reusing statuses. Using this feature, you can quickly copy a status update’s text or media content and use it as your own status, share it with other contacts, or save it for future reference.

Extended Group Name Limit:

One notable advantage of using GB WhatsApp Pro APK is the increased character limit for group names. Unlike the official WhatsApp, which restricts group names to 25 characters, GB WhatsApp Pro APK allows you to set longer and more expressive group names, with a generous limit of 35 characters. You have the freedom to create unique and fancy group names that fully capture the essence of your WhatsApp group. Whether you want to add creative emojis, include additional words, or simply make your group name stand out, GB WhatsApp Pro APK allows you to do so.

Colourful Themes:

In this WhatsApp, you will get 1000 plus colourful and new themes through which you can style your app differently to make it more enticing. The app allows you to choose any of your favorite themes, colour scheme, and wallpaper for designing the look of your WhatsApp. You can also change your app’s font styles, which are of different shapes, sizes, and colours. Because of this option, when you get bored by using the same colour WhatsApp repeatedly, you can easily change its appearance according to your interest. Ā 

OG WhatsApp Colorful Themes

My Review:

I always prefer this WhatsApp over others because of its unique premium features, which keep you private and encrypted during conversations with your friends. This WhatsApp keeps its users fully encrypted during chats and calls. What I love the most is the password protection feature through which users can easily lock their app with a password and keep their personal chats safe from others. I also love all the themes available in this app that are unique from the real app. So, I suggest this WhatsApp for those who want to enjoy more advanced chatting features.

FAQs About the OGWhatsApp App:

Ans: Yes, this WhatsApp is completely secure for all Android and iOS devices. You can use this app without any security threat as we give you a 100% safe and virus-free chatting app.

ANS: This updated version of WhatsApp has extra and new features such as more colorful themes, downloading options, sending more images, and many more that are not available in the original.

ANS: Yes, you can easily lock your WhatsApp by setting a pattern or number password so no one can unlock the app without your permission.

ANS: Yes, the OG WhatsApp is free to download with all premium features without spending a penny from your pocket.

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By reading the above-described article, you will know everything about the OGWhatsApp app with all its features. This version of WhatsApp provides you with lots of colourful themes for changing the look of your chat screen according to your interest. Using this WhatsApp, you will be able to send more images than the official app and easily share large-sized files without any problem. So, you must download the latest version of OGWhatsApp APK to get a wonderful challenge experience with more advanced features and an anti-ban option. Thanks for reading our article.

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