FarmVille 3 MOD APK v1.39.41097 (Unlimited Money/Water)

FarmVille 3 MOD APK
App NameFarmVille 3
Latest Versionv1.39.41097
Size246 MB
RequirementsAndroid 4.1
Last UpdatedToday

Are you a fan of the Farmville game? Have you been following all of its sequels? Are you playing Farmville 3 nowadays? Then hold your hearts!!! We are glad to present Farmville 3 MOD APK to you. It is a ditto copy of the original version of the game but also provides many of the premium features which are hard to access in the original version of the game.

We also recommend you to download dragon city mod apk, The developer has added all the modified features that would take the playing experience a level up. The main modded features of the modded version include:

  • Free water
  • Unlimited Gems
  • Unlimited Keys
  • Increase your machine Production
  • Better sound and display quality
Introduction of Farmville 3

Farmville 3 MOD APK – (Story and Gameplay)

The Farmville 3 MOD APK is set in the countryside. This game will give you the chance to experience a life of a farmer and enjoy working in the countryside. You will be closer to natural plants and animals. You have to grow and plow crops, tend and breed animals and expand your business.

In this game, you are supposed to make a farm. On that farm, you will breed three types of animals. The first type is normal animals. It includes everyday animals such as cows, goats, buffalos, and chickens. The second is magical animals born out of magical spells and elements. Third is mythical animals which have supernatural powers and take part in adventures throughout the game.

In this game, first, you need to build your farm. Then you can choose specific categories of animals to breed and tend. You can also choose to grow different types of crops including vegetables, fruits, wheat, rice, maize, and many more. You are also supposed to sell the animals and crops for earning money.

Farmville 3 MOD APK Story and Gameplay

Features of Farmville 3 Hack APK:

Below you can find about the interesting mod features of the game.

Unlimited Money:

There are many premium features present in the game that require in-game money to buy. But unfortunately, the players are supposed to do a lot of hard work to earn money. Unlike the original version of the game, the Farmville 3 MOD APK ensures unlimited money so that you can buy whatever you like. You may also like to download train station 2 mod apk, In this game, you’ll also get unlimited money for free.

Free Water:

Water is one of the most essential elements for harvesting crops. Without water, crops cannot grow. In the original version of the game, the players are supposed to pay in-game money to buy water. However, the Farmville 3 hack APK ensures an unlimited water supply so that you can effectively harvest your crops.

FarmVille 3 Free Water

Unlimited Gems:

Gems are also one of the most important forms of in-game currency used for buying a variety of stuff. In the original version of the game, the gems are hard-earned. However, the Farmville 3 MOD APK provides unlimited emeralds, rubies, and other gems so that you can buy all the supplies you need.

Unlimited Keys:

Keys are also one of the most precious forms of currency in the game Farmville 3 which can unlock many of the game’s features. But unfortunately, they are very difficult to collect. However, the modded version allows you to have access to unlimited keys, hence you can unlock many of the items of this game.

Increase Your Machine Production:

The Farmville 3 hacked apk has a feature that will increase machine production. It will help the players to increase their productivity. It is the most loved feature of this game as it helps the player in expanding their in-game business and farms. We also have jikage rising mod apk on our website.

Social Interaction: 

Connect with friends and neighbors who also play FarmVille. Help each other out, exchange gifts, and compete in friendly competitions.

Joyful Deliveries

Captivating Visuals: 

Enjoy beautiful graphics that bring your virtual farm to life. Experience the colorful fields and animated farm animals that make the game visually appealing.

Continuous Updates: 

The developers regularly update FarmVille with new features, crops, animals, and improvements based on player feedback. This ensures the game stays fresh and exciting.

Better Sound and Display Quality:

Unlike the original version of the game, the Farmville 3 MOD APK is credited with providing better sound and display quality. The imagery is quite vivid and clear. There is also soothing background music that will provide comfort to the farm animals.

Features of Farmville 3 Hack APK

Free Download for Android and iOS:

The Farmville 3 is completely free to download. It is available for both Android and iOS systems. Therefore, it can be downloaded on Android phones and iPhones. Hence, you can enjoy the farming experience with every kind of device.

Free download for Android and iOS

My Review and Personal Experience:

As the fast and furious life of the city is sometimes boredom to carry on my shoulders, the Farmville 3 MOD APK is all I play to get a break. This allows me to feel the warmth of nature. Moreover, being an animal lover, this game perfectly suits my taste. Moreover, its modded features made me fall for it. I recommend this game to all nature lovers.


ANS: To unlock pig home in Farmville 3, you need to pass level 12 of the game. After that, you will be rewarded with a Yorkshire pig. This will automatically unlock the feature of a pig home in Farmville 3.

ANS: In Farmville 3, you can only evolve animals with a star stamp. To evolve exotic animals, you are supposed to train animal up to their maximum level. This evolution can be done by using evolution materials. The evolution materials can be collected from merchants, sky races, and exotic animal quests.

ANS: You need to reach level 24 of Farmville 3 and then you will be awarded 2 experienced plants. You need to pay 150 in-game coins per plant and could harvest the corn.

ANS: Yes, the Farmville 3 Mod APK is completely safe and secure. The game has been scanned through different anti-virus and anti-malware software. Therefore, you can download this game without any worries.

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Farmville 3 Mod APK is one of the best farming games available nowadays. Its modded features including free water, unlimited gems, unlimited keys, increase machine production, and better sound and display quality make it more desirable as compared to the original version of the game. If you are a farming lover, this game is for you. Download Farmville 3 Mod APK right now and get a chance to experience life as a farmer.

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